Writing the Memoir Tutorial: Part 2 Video Download

Writing the Memoir Tutorial: Part 2 Video Download

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The journey of the archetypal hero is the most popular story known to humankind and is common to mythologies of every culture. Countless modern tales--from Cinderella, to Star Wars, to Eat Pray Love--are adaptations of the three-act hero's journey. When you write a memoir, you are in effect writing your own hero's journey, because you are the hero of your own life. In this tutorial, veteran editor and author Paula Munier (creator of the Cup of Comfort series) demonstrates how to use fictional techniques inherent in the three-act hero's journey as the basis for your life story.

What you'll learn in this 50-minute video:

  • The typical structure of the hero's journey, and how to apply it to your memoir
  • How the hero's journey translates into your memoir's "plot"
  • Techniques for using dialogue and scenes to animate your life story
  • Why it's useful to pace your memoir following the steps of the hero's journey
  • How to tell the truth--as you remember it--behind your life story; and much more.

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