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Writer's Yearbook 2019 Download

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2018: The Year in Review An expert's take on the latest trends and shakeups in the book and magazine realm, and what those mean for you in the coming year.By Jane Friedman

Alpha-Blog Soup Blogging your way to an author platform,even before your book is done,is easy as A, B, C.By Gabrieal Pereira

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch Cut the fat and you'll end up with a pithy pitch no screenplay producer can resist.By Matt Bird

Kickstart Your Book Who says you have to publish first and find an audience second? Learn how,and why,you might successfully crowdfund your next project.Lucy A. Snyder

Taming the Inner Critic When that voice inside you starts to doubt your abilities, these techniques will help you find the strength to answer back.By David Corbett


Byline Basics How do you land bylines if you've never been published? ANew York Times,bestselling author shares 12 essential tips for breaking in.By Sue Shapiro

Creative Rations If you have a creative day job, sustaining stamina for your off-hours writing can be a struggle. Here's how to beat burnout and enjoy the best of both worlds.By Catherine J. Campbell

You've Got Mail In the crowded world of social media a newsletter gives writers a direct line to readers.By Dinsa Sachan

Writing Wanderlust Writers can work from just about anywhere, so why not work from everywhere? Meet some “digital nomads" who are making a living while exploring the world,and find out how you could become one of them.By Grace Dobush

13 Reasons Why In a competitive industry, it's easy to feel like the publishers hold all the power. But the truth is they need good content,and writers have a right not to be fleeced. Here are some situations when the best option just might be to walk away.By Jeff Somers


Naming the Baby Never underestimate the great power of a great title.By Jacquelyn Mitchard

Quality Control With diverse characters in demand, the publishing trend of hiring sensitivity readers sparks passionate discourse.By Mandy Howard

Inside the Author-Agent Relationship When you sign with an agent, you're choosing a partner for your career. We asked authors to share the best parts of their agent relationships, showing both what's important and what's possible.By Jessica Strawser

How Big Deals Go Down An agent pulls back the curtain to let us see what really happens when a submission draws high demand.By Hillary Jacobson

Turbocharge Your Ebook Marketing An expert shares 7 pro tips to help you sell more, faster.By Mark Coker

Critical Thinking Novelists live and die by reviews, yet uncovering what garners a gushing ovation or blistering takedown is often a mystery. A professional critic lays out what it takes to earn 5 stars.By Paul Goat Allen


101 Best Websites for Writers No matter what writing-related assistance you're looking for,craft advice, community, publishing help and more,you'll find it here, in our best digital roundup yet.By Karen Krumpak, with Sarah Mullins and Baihley Gentry

Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers Spend less time querying and time doing what you love,writing!,with the help of top-notch markets.by Karen Krumpak and Jess Zafarris


The Fine Line Between Magic and Lying If you're a writer and a parent, which role takes precedence in cultivating your children's imaginations? By Paul D. Dail

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