Writer's Digest January/February 2020 Digital Edition

Writer's Digest January/February 2020 Digital Edition

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In a super-sized January/February 2020 issue of Writer's Digest, themed “New Beginnings" we'll help writers edit their own work, understand personal branding, share the next installment of our new column, “100 Years of Writer's Digest," unveil three new columns, and more. This issue's articles include:

+ Openings That Kill It: The strongest stories start with a bang. Fuse these elements into your first page for a beginning that hooks readers and won't let them go. By Jane K. Cleland

+ Turn the Beat Around: Newbie writers are bound to make some mistakes. Here are the five most common blunders that beginning writers make and how to avoid them. By Jane Friedman

+ The Cold Open: It's any writer's greatest fear: Facing the blank page and with no ideas to get started. Here's how to get into the right mindset to begin writing and find your muse. By Bill Kenower

+ One Leg at a Time: One writer flew by the seat of his pants to begin his freelance writing career so you don't have to. Here's his advice on how to take the plunge. By Jeff Somers

+ Now, Where Was I?: Life often interrupts writing, forcing authors to set their manuscripts aside. Here's how to use these breaks effectively and return to your work-in-progress with a fresh perspective. By Steven James

In addition, readers will be treated to a WD Interview with bestselling author Dani Shapiro, as well as a special Writer's Workbook on finding great story ideas. This issue also unveils two new regular columns from WD editors, “Notes from the Margins," by Amy Jones, a behind-the-scenes look at the book publishing industry; and “Publishing Insights," from Robert Brewer, on hot writing markets. This issue also contains all the regular columns and departments readers know and love, like Take 2 on screenwriting, IndieLab for self-published authors, Conference Scene, Poetic Asides, Meet the Agent, Funny You Should Ask, and more.

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