Book In a Month

Book In a Month

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What can you accomplish in 30 days?

If you make time to write and put away all of your excuses, could you stay on track and finish your novel in only a month? With a structured plan and a focused goal, yes, you can!

Using a combination of flexible weekly schedules, clear instruction, and detailed worksheets, author Victoria Schmidt leads you through a proven 30-day novel-writing system without the intimidation factor. Book in a Month shows you how to:

• Set realistic goals and monitor your progress
• Manage your time so that your writing life has room to flourish
• Select a story topic that will continue to inspire you throughout the writing process
• Quickly outline your entire story so that you have a clear idea of how your plot and characters are going to develop before you start writing
• Draft each act of your story by focusing on specific turning points
• Keep track of the areas you want to revise without losing your momentum in the middle of your story
• Relax and have fun--you are, after all, doing something you love

So what are you waiting for? If you've been putting off your book project, let Book in a Month be your guide and find out just how much you can accomplish!

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