Writer's Digest August 2008 (PDF)

Writer's Digest August 2008 (PDF)

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You'll Love This Digital Issue If:

  • You want to become a screenwriter
  • You are thinking about buying writing software
  • You want insight into the life of a writer

Whether you have a great movie idea or are in the middle of writing a script, this issue of Writer's Digest spotlights screenwriting. You'll find articles on writing for TV, how to go from an idea to a script, tips on formatting a script, and advice on breaking into comedy writing and screenwriting.

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In This Digital Issue You'll Learn:

  • How to turn your promising idea into a screen-worthy script
  • How to format a script
  • The best writing software programs for writers

What's Inside This Issue:

The WD Interview: Diablo Cody
by Chad Gervich
Stripper, memoirist and Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody is ready for her close-up.

From Idea to Script
by Jurgen Wolff
Here's how to turn your promising idea into a screen-worthy script.

Script Rules
by Christina Hamlett
Correctly formatting your script can be the difference between getting it read,and getting it pitched. Here's the lowdown on using good form.

Leave 'em Laughing
by Mark Miller
Breaking into comedy writing is no laughing matter according to our distinguished panel of experts.

Act II
by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
Short-story writer and novelist Amy Bloom tells about moving between prose writing and the all-show, no-tell world of screenwriting.

The 2008 WD Guide to Software for Writers
by Jenna Glatzer
We've tested most writing software programs to help you find the best choice for your needs.

Up Close & Personal
by Anya Kamenetz
Working as writers' assistants gave these aspiring scribes a look at what the writing life is really like.

Falling for Romance
by Kara Gebhart Uhl
Meet the grand-prize winner of the Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards. PLUS: A complete listing of first-place winners and honorable mentions.

Questions & Quandaries
by Brian A. Klems
Here's the scoop on loglines, book blurbs and getting paid.

Ask the Pro: Media Watchdog
by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
Columbia Journalism Review's managing editor upholds his magazine's mission to keep journalism honest.

First Impressions: A Published Prosecutor
by Jordan e. Rosenfeld
A lawyer-turned-writer pens a realistic legal thriller. PLUS: More notable debuts.

This Writer's Life: Agent Angst
by Kevin Alexander
Medium-sized agencies handle your work with care, but the big guys may get you a six-figure deal. What's a writer to do?

On the Edge: Latino Lit
by Michael J. Vaughn
Major-house imprints and a new marketing approach are opening up opportunities for this emerging genre.

The Sentence Sleuth: News of the Weird Modifier
by Bonnie Trenga
Reports of misplaced modifiers amuse and confuse readers.

Your Story: All-Star Dinner
by Kelly Tarver
The winning entry of contest #11. PLUS: Your Story #13 prompt.

The Conference Scene: The Maui Writers Conference
by Linda Formichelli
Writing and networking in an idyllic setting.

Postscript: Bemused
by Wayne Sheldrake
Wouldn't we all like to be like writers portrayed in the movies.

InkWell: Fresh ideas, tips, news and inspiration for the writing life
  • The Name Game
  • Mobisode Writing Could Put Extra Cash in Your Pocket
  • The Roeder Report: Who Needs an Outline?
  • Don't Be a Diva
  • WD Annual Poetry Competition Winners
Writer's Workbook: Lessons and tips on writing
  • Fiction: background
  • Nonfiction: brief critiques
  • Poetry: syllables
  • Marketing: after the art

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