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Writer's Digest Novel Writing 2016 Download

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Starting Points

When Art Imitates Life Your personal experiences can be a gold mine for your fiction. Here are 8 ways to add authenticity to your writing. by Audrey Stallsmith

On Writing for Teens and Tweens Approach your middle-grade and young adult fiction with these tips in mind, and you'll win the hearts of young readers. by Mary Kole

Shelved But Not Forgotten A half-baked or set-aside manuscript doesn't have to be forever doomed. Here's why, when and how you might want to give an abandoned project a second chance. by Stuart Horwitz

No More Excuses: Write That Novel! Don't let life get in the way of your writing dreams. Use these 8 tips to inspire you on your journey to a completed draft. by Amy Sue Nathan

Story Building

Plotting + Pantsing = Plantsing You don't have to choose between outlining your story and writing by the seat of your … imagination. by Jeff Somers

Intentional Misdirection Skillful use of red herrings in your fiction will thrill and captivate your readers. Here's how to pull it off. by Jane K. Cleland

The Devil's in the (Setting) Details Pay attention to these characteristics of setting as you write your novel, and your story will be more nuanced and satisfying. by Mary Buckham

Theme Demystified Let the heart of your story shine through in all its elements and your novel will have meaning and depth. by Jack Smith

Character Development

Beginning with the Past Skillful use of backstory can bring your characters to life,and enrich your plot and story in the process. Here's how to do it. by Rachel Ballon

Conflict Drivers Master the machinery of desire,the conflicting wants, needs and motivations at the root of every character,and your story's engine will run full throttle. by David Corbett

Using Character to Enrich Plot The best writers know how to make the most out of their characters. Start with these techniques. by Paula Munier

Talking Points Sometimes the best written dialogue doesn't follow the “rules." Here's how and why you canbreak these 7 common conventions about character conversations. by Steven James

Momentum & Inspiration

Tips From First-Time Authors Ten new novelists share the stories behind their publishing debuts,and how you can break in to the industry, too. by Chuck Sambuchino

John Sandford: True Grit Journalist turned novelist John Sandford can drive “write what you know" across virtually any terrain,with more than 40 New York Times bestselling thrillers, a Pulitzer Prize, and even a young adult series. by Adrienne Crezp

David Baldacci: Story Chaser More than 110 million books in print, a growling list of screenwriting credits, and a family literary foundation: Former lawyer David Baldacci owes his monumental success to his unerring commitment,and lifelong love of putting pen to paper. by Jessica Strawser

Rainbow Rowell: In Living Color In writing fan favorites across genres, Rainbow Rowell has tapped the pulse of storytelling at its finest,and not surprisingly, it begins and ends with the heart. by Tyler Moss

The Final Draft

Finishing Strong What makes final chapters truly memorable? Here's how you can drive your won stories to a satisfying ending, every time. by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Ask the Audience You may have nailed all the basic elements of your story, but if readers still aren't truly engaged, you novel will fall flat. Revise with these strategies in mind, and you'll hook them to the finish. by Marie Lamba

Revision in the Real World An award-winning novelist shares before-and-afters from her drafts, alongside tips for your own works-in-progress. by Elizabeth Sims

The Submission Process

How to Wine (Over) Agents and Influence Agents Sometimes your query will need the assistant's approval before it's even seen by an agent. Keep these 4 tips in mind as you pitch, and you'll make it past the gatekeeper. by Ann Collette & Rachel Kincaid

Ask an Agent Five industry pros reveal their query pet peeves, what they're looking for in a novel pitch, and how to get your manuscript noticed. by Kara Gebhart Uhl

Meet the Press These 5 standout markets publish across all genres, earn consistent literary recognition, and boast an impressive line of strong sellers. by Cris Freese

Think Like an Agent An author-turned-agent gives the inside scoop on make the most of your author-agent relationship. by Marie Lamba

Last Word

Yes You Can! On your writing journey, a little encouragement can go a long way. by Andrew Roe

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