How to Capture the Essence of Your Story in a Synopsis

How to Capture the Essence of Your Story in a Synopsis

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How to Capture the Essence of Your Story in a Synopsis

A synopsis should be simple and to the point,but it should also be entertaining and must contain the narrative flavor found within the story. Capturing the essence of your story in a synopsis involves incorporating the rhythm, tone, pacing, and voice contained within your novel. Like a well-written novel, showing,not telling,is paramount . . . and that is what makes writing a successful synopsis so hard! In this tutorial, you'll learn the ingredients necessary for boiling down your novel and conveying the essence of your story in a brilliant synopsis.

This tutorial is presented by Charlotte Robin Cook, an experienced publisher and story editor, and Jon James Miller, an award-winning screenwriter and debut novelist. Both Charlotte and Jon have tremendous writing experience and know the ins-and-outs of how to edit novels into successful reads. They have also read, written, and polished numerous synopses. Jon and Charlotte work with first-time novelists, as well as industry professionals looking for fresh new literary voices.

In this 32-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • What a synopsis really is
  • The ingredients necessary for writing a compelling synopsis
  • Why you should never include the ‚Äúwhy" of your story in the synopsis
  • The difference between a plot-driven and a character-based story and why this is important to know when writing a synopsis
  • How you can tell the ending of your story in a synopsis without ‚Äúspoiling" it
  • How to avoid writing your synopsis as a marketing tool
  • Why you should never use the word ‚Äúconflict" in a synopsis
  • The three magical parts of a successful synopsis
  • The special language of the successful synopsis
  • How to capture the tone of your story in a synopsis

A well-written synopsis is a must,a critical element you need to master if you wish to be seen as a new force in today's literary market.

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