How to Get Pre-Publication Income to Support Your Book

How to Get Pre-Publication Income to Support Your Book

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How to Get Pre-Publication Income to Support Your Book

Publishing a book can be an expensive proposition, but there are a variety of ways to generate revenue to cover your upfront costs. This can be through getting a corporation (or multiple corporations) to sponsor your book, aligning with the cause of an association, or selling subsidiary rights. You will learn how to do these and more in this tutorial.

This tutorial is presented by Brian Jud. Brian is an author, television host, and experienced book-marketing consultant. He has experience on both sides of the sales desk, as a corporate marketing executive and sponsor of promotions, as well as an author/consultant seeking sponsorships.

In this 19-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • Why a company might consider your request for sponsorship
  • Examples of different types of sponsorship arrangements
  • Other ways corporations could buy your books in large, non-returnable quantities
  • How to find people in corporations and associations who could be prospective sponsors
  • What should be in your proposal and contract
  • How to tie in with national marketing periods (and where to find them)
  • Other pre-publication revenue opportunities, including: book clubs, catalogs, selling your TV, film, electronic, and serial rights, and much more!

Get pre-publication income and you can publish your book with no out-of-pocket expenditures . . . be profitable and have money to use for promoting your book once it is published!

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