How to Prep Your Book Idea (and Yourself) for Success Video Download

How to Prep Your Book Idea (and Yourself) for Success Video Download

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As soon as you get an idea, it's time to create a business plan for your book. A plan, or book proposal, helps you, a literary agent or an acquisitions editor determine if your book idea is viable,if it will sell in the ever-more competitive publishing marketplace. Used correctly at the early stages of book ideation and creation, a business plan also helps you determine how to craft a marketable book, one with a high likelihood of selling to a publisher, if you like, and to readers. It helps you write the best possible book for your ideal reader and for your target market. That increases the chances of your book succeeding.

Publishers only want to take on marketable ideas from authors who can help sell those books upon release. That means the books must be unique and necessary and have big or profitable enough markets. You, the author, also must be able to prove you have a platform to support your promotion plan. That makes you a good publishing partner. The arguments for these points, as well as others, are contained in a book proposal, which serves as the business plan for a book. If you plan to self-publish, a book proposal serves as the template for a start-up publishing company's business plan as well as for an individual book. You need to use it to for the same reasons,to determine if your idea is marketable and if you are ready to publish it and to help it succeed. You also can use early book planning to map out a successful career by thinking ahead to the additional books you will write and how you might build a business around your book.

This tutorial is taught by Nina Amir, bestselling author of How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual. She transforms writers into inspired, successful authors, authorpreneurs and blogpreneurs. Known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach, she moves her clients from ideas to finished books as well as to careers as authors by helping them combine their passion and purpose so they create products that positively and meaningfully impact the world. A sought-after author, book, blog-to-book, and results coach, some of Nina's clients have sold 300,000+ copies of their books, landed deals with major publishing houses and created thriving businesses around their books. She writes four blogs, self-published 12 books and founded National Nonfiction Writing Month, aka the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge.

In this 74-minute tutorial video, you'll discover how to:

  • Create a long-term career plan as you develop your book idea
  • Compile a business plan for a successful indie book and self-publishing company
  • Produce a marketable book idea,one that sells to publishers and to readers
  • Determine if you have what it takes to help your book succeed
  • Create a promotion/marketing plan for your book
  • Put together a book proposal for an idea that can withstand the evaluation of publishing professionals
  • Develop spin-off books, products and services so you can build a business around your book
  • Use a time-tested process to evaluate any book idea for its sales potential
  • Ensure you have the highest likelihood of attaining the goal of successful authorship

If you want to write books that get read, if you want to have a long-term, successful career as an author and if you want to become an authorpreneur, this tutorial based on Nina Amir's Amazon bestseller, The Author Training Manual, is one you won't want to miss.

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