Writing Romance in Today's Market OnDemand Webinar

Writing Romance in Today's Market OnDemand Webinar

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  • Tips on making your romance novel the best it can be
  • Why the beginning of your book is extremely important
  • Querying Dos and Don'ts
  • What literary agents look for when reading your query
  • What questions to ask a literary agent once you've grabbed their attention
  • The importance of the agent/author relationship


The number of romance authors out there is growing, as is the market, so standing out amongst the masses is incredibly important. In addition to writing an amazing story, there are also many other decisions you must make, including finding the right agent. Whether you are self-publishing and/or looking to be traditionally published, a debut author or a seasoned vet, having an agent to work with is invaluable, yet many don't know what to look for or how to start this process.

Literary agent Kimberly Brower represents several NYT and USA Today bestselling romance authors, both traditionally and self-published. She also has experience launching debut romance authors with traditional publishers, many of whom she found through her query pile.

In this ondemand webinar, she will go over many things an author should consider no matter where they are in their career. She'll give insight on what to think about while writing your novel, how to query literary agents in a way that will grab their attention, and once you have their attention, what questions you should ask to ensure you have found “the right one" for you. Kimberly will discuss many of the things she looks for in a potential client and walk you through a checklist of things you should consider in your search for an agent.

After investing so much time in writing your romance novel, you want to do everything you can to explore all opportunities and possibilities available and an agent can be a great ally to have on your journey to become a published author.


Kimberly fell in love with reading when she picked up her first Babysitter's Club book at the age of seven and hasn't been able to get her nose out of a book since. She holds a BS in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge and received her JD from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. Although she loves all things romance, she is also searching for books that are different and will surprise her, with empathetic characters and compelling stories. She takes great pride in her client list, from the debut authors to #1 NYT bestsellers, and likes to consider them all her favorite authors. She previously worked for over two years at Rebecca Friedman Literary before starting her own agency. After spending 14 years in California, she is thrilled to be back on the east coast living in New York City.

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