Major & Minor Settings Worksheet - The Nighttime Novelist

Major & Minor Settings Worksheet - The Nighttime Novelist

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You'll Love This Worksheet If:

  • You have read The Nighttime Novelist
  • You need help with your novel's major or minor settings
  • You are writing a fiction novel

When writing a novel, setting is important because it ties a story together. When you buy this worksheet from The Nighttime Novelist by Joseph E. Bates, you'll map out your descriptions and relevant details of your novel's major and minor settings. Plus, you'll fill in:

  • The place being described
  • Physical descriptors or attributes
  • Narrator's attitude toward the described
  • Feeling that should be evoked in the reader
  • Images/keywords/peculiar or relevant details

Download the Major & Minor Settings worksheet today! Once you have filled in this chart, take a look at how your descriptions serve not just to show the places in terms of physicality but what they mean for the protagonist and the reader.

In This Worksheet You'll:

  • Determine the major and minor settings, objects or props, and any other ideas you have for your novel
  • Take a look at what the settings in your novel mean for the protagonist and reader

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