10 Steps to a Bulletproof Story Outline OnDemand Webinar

10 Steps to a Bulletproof Story Outline OnDemand Webinar

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Structure is just about everything in a screenplay. Your story outline is the blueprint for your movie. Therefore, it's crucial that your outline is solid. Producers and story executives may labor over an outline for months before they "allow" the writer to go off and write a draft. As you work on your original screenplay, you may have to assume the role of all those other people in the room. It is up to you to make sure you are absolutely ready to write a solid draft. Having a systematic and thorough approach to assessing story outlines can save time in the actual writing process and be a creative adventure.


  •  How to carefully envision the movie in your story outline (beat sheet)
  •  A system to ensure you are covering all fundamental elements in your script
  •  The 15 most important questions to ask yourself about the story outline
  •  How to quickly (and effectively) revise and strengthen your beat sheet


  •  Beginning screenwriters
  •  Intermediate screenwriters
  •  Advanced-professional screenwriters

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