Find, Fix, and Finesse Your Plot into a Winning Idea

Find, Fix, and Finesse Your Plot into a Winning Idea

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  • You have a finished novel or proposal and are ready to submit your work
  • You have received a rejection and wonder if it was your synopsis or your plot that was at fault
  • You would like to learn how to distill your entire book into just a few paragraphs


When you recommend a book to a friend, don't you tell them first and foremost what happened in it? And when it comes down to talking about your own book, don't people ask: What's it about? Your book is about your plot, and that is no small thing. Voice, character, and writing style matter a lot,but all those things with a weak plot can make for a lackluster read.

In this presentation, instructor and literary agent Kate McKean will show you ways to improve your plot and how to troubleshoot any pitfalls, holes, and inconsistencies it may have. She explains what all great plots have in common and how to avoid the familiar tropes that can affect your novel (in a bad way). She also teaches you how to brainstorm new ideas and fix the ones you already have. By the end of this presentation, you will have the tools you need to start looking objectively at your plot and the ability to convey those ideas in an effective synopsis.


  • The seven elements every plot has to have
  • How to respect the reader in regards to your plot
  • How, if, and when to chart, outline, and plan your plot
  • How to let your plot and characters roam free on the page
  • Why people say there are only seven plots under the sun
  • Why doing the exact opposite of those seven plots is not necessarily the answer
  • Why ‚ÄúBut it happened that way in real life!" is the worse excuse for a plot point


Kate McKean is a literary agent at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency in Brooklyn, NY, where she has worked for over six years. She earned her Master's in Fiction Writing at the University of Southern Mississippi, and enjoys both the creative and business aspects of her job. Her clients include the New York Times bestselling humor book I Can Has Cheezburger?, YA and Adult Fantasy writer Delilah S. Dawson, and blogger, designer, and creativity expert Noah Scalin. She is most interested in contemporary women's fiction, middle grade and young adult fiction.

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