How To Stop Plotting and Write Original Story OnDemand Webinar

How To Stop Plotting and Write Original Story OnDemand Webinar

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If you're 'plotting' your story, just stop! This webinar will show you how professionals stop plotting and start creating feelings and emotions that come from your 'craziest' notions--the ideas you get in the shower that never seem to translate properly into your script. Now they can. And if they can, your plot will happen automatically. Why? Today's film and TV is different--the wilder the story the better. Extreme characters in extreme situations--that's what producers want. Twisting your story and characters for today's marketplace means call for your deepest and most imaginative 'insane' ideas--but how to do that? This webinar gives you the tools to FEEL your way through your story instead of just saying' now this happens and then this happens.'

Story today isn't simple! It zigs and zags. You need to tap into your deepest imagination in order to appeal to today's incredibly sophisticated audience. So how do you take your story into the new stratosphere? By creating deep and original action and characters who feel fully human and alive - and you do that by giving them the deep eccentricities that all real people possess--dark secrets, hidden wishes, embarrassing desire and pains. Where do those come from? You'll find out in this webinar.

Join famed Hollywood script doctor Peter Russell (, who has taught and inspired writers like Kor Adana (MR. ROBOT - Emmy for Best New Drama 2015), and Hal Ozsan (SONS OF ANARCHY). This information-rich, fast moving webinar will inspire you with Peter's signature visual style, while giving you the tools that let you use your own 'wild' imagination and innermost pains and pleasures to create a story that no one will see coming, and characters that have the surprise and originality that today's audiences demand.


  • How to stop plotting
  • How to start feeling your way to fabulous stories
  • Why only one structure matters -- and why you should forget that one, too
  • The best way to create original character (it's not about lists - yawn)
  • Why the reason you write is also WHAT you're going to write - always
  • How to use your anger and frustration with writer's block to supercharge your story
  • Why ANY feeling is the best way forward in a scene
  • How the one true core of all great character is secret pain
  • Why embarrassment fuels every original element in your story
  • Why your own most painful secrets will sell your story


  • Writers who are stuck or bored with their stories
  • Story creators who can't sell in the new TV market
  • Producers who want to supercharge their writer's rooms
  • Creators whose film scripts need deep rewrites
  • Editors who want to understand how to improve their storytelling skills
  • Writers have fabulous beginnings but who always just peter out
  • Writers who have great beginnings AND endings but no middles
  • Creators who always get the note 'your hero isn't sympathetic'
  • Writers who always get the note 'your characters are plot-driven'
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