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Writer's Workbook 2016 Download

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Writer's Digest Yearbook presents:

Writer's Workbook

Essentials of the Craft

Make (More) Time for Writing Carving out the time and space you need for your muse to flourish can be a challenge,but these writer approved tips can help. by Amy Sue Nathan

Musical Muses Draw inspiration from music to add rhythm and flow to your narrative voice. by Scott Preston

Word Pictures The best descriptions offer just the right amount of sensory detail while enticing readers to imagine the rest. Use these 5 tips to strike the right balance. by Barbara Baig

Murder Your Darlings Your goal is to convey meaning precisely and concisely, without wasted words or superfluous phrases. Here's how to make every word count. by Stephen Wilbers

Light Your Fire Writing takes work, but we can't forget that inspiration is the fuel that keeps the fi re burning. Here are 6 reasons it's important to keep your woodpile stocked,complete with tips for fanning the flames. by Fred D. White

Journaling, Unboxed A daily writing habit doesn't have to follow the rules,and a little open-ended creativity can be just what yourwriting needs. by Heather Sellers

Worth a Thousand Words When struggling to picture your story, sometimes the inspiration you need is visual. by Donna Baier Stein

Story Starters How do you springboard from idea to finished manuscript? Let these exercises, insights and tips be your guide. compiled by Tyler Moss

Nonfiction Techniques

Teach the Children Well The market for children's nonfiction is booming. Here's what you need to know to tap into this lucrative niche. by Tracey Baptiste

8 Steps to Blogging Success Grow your readership, platform and profitability with these simple strategies. by Robert Lee Brewer

Get Personal Follow these 9 steps to craft the kind of striking personal essays that could land you a big byline. by Susan Shapiro

Jhumpa Lahiri, Bridging the Gap In her first foray into nonfiction, the Pulitzer Prize–winner and Princeton University fiction professor highlights the importance of language,and the love of words that we all share. by Baihley Grandison

Writing Standout Sample Chapters In your book proposal, the sample chapters you include are your opportunity to prove you have the talent and know-how to follow through on the project. Here's how to show off your savvy. by Ryan G. Van Cleave

An Affair to Remember Inevitably, when writing memoir, your relationships play out on the page. Learn how to portray spouses, exes and friends with a balance of caution and candor. by Kerry Cohen

Heighten Your Senses Incorporate descriptions evoking all 5 senses into your memoir writing, and you'll immerse your readers even more deeply in your story. by Richard Campbell & Cheryl Svensson

Ideation Incarnation When it comes to freelance writing, ideas are currency. Follow these 14 strategies to impress magazine editors with your well-crafted story pitches. by Zachary Petit

Fiction Techniques

Theme Weavers Theme is the thread that runs through your story. Here's how to use key storytelling elements,imagery, dialogue, voice and more,to stitch it in one scene at a time. by Martha Alderson & Jordan Rosenfeld

Take Two Tighten your grasp on these two simple tools, and you'll be equipped to fi x any kink in your story's machinery. by Elizabeth Sims

Write Yourself Out of a Corner Fear not: Getting "stuck" can be the best way to set your story free. by Steven James

Now You're Talking Strong dialogue is a key component of any engaging novel. Here's how to pen conversations that will have readers hanging on your every word. by Elizabeth Sims

Crafting Conundrums Th e secret to page-turning fiction? Stick your characters between a rock and a hard place. by Steven James

Character Evolution If your protagonist doesn't move forward, neither will your story. These key moments of insight will challenge your character to change and grow. by David Corbett

Fortify Your Thriller Give your story a powerful boost with these 5 essential C's. by James Scott Bell

JoJo Moyes, From the Heart Her smash hit Me Before You topped The New York Times bestseller list, was made into a feature-length movie, and spurred a sequel. But Moyes' “overnight success" was years in the making,and yields fascinating lessons about how and why we can learn as we go. by Jessica Strawser

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