Create a Compelling Mystery: Storytelling, Suspects, Clues, Crime-Solving Methods, Conclusions, and More OnDemand Webinar

Create a Compelling Mystery: Storytelling, Suspects, Clues, Crime-Solving Methods, Conclusions, and More OnDemand Webinar

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From SHERLOCK HOLMES to COLUMBO to LAW & ORDER and CSI, mysteries have endured through the decades. Indeed, trying to guess the identity of a killer while tagging along with the protagonist is a stimulating way to spend an hour in front of the television or days immersed in an engrossing novel. You strive to be smarter than the suspect, just as clever as the hero in pursuit--you want to figure it all out before anyone else.

During this webinar, writer and producer Charles Kipps will walk you through the steps necessary to create a compelling mystery. You'll explore all aspects of storytelling which combine to make a mystery a mystery: the suspects, the clues, and the protagonist's crime-solving methods. Whether you're a writer or a mystery lover, this seminar will demystify the puzzle of mysteries. As a writer, you'll learn how to outsmart your audience. As a viewer or reader, you'll be ready to match wits with the writer. Either way, this seminar is for you. You'll not only learn to enjoy mysteries more, but you'll also learn how to write them!


  • How to make your protagonist unique
  • How to set up the perfect red herring
  • The way to introduce the killer without raising suspicion
  • How to leave a trail of subtle clues that will ultimately solve the mystery
  • Why characters drive the plot of a mystery rather than the other way around
  • How to end the story with a surprising--yet believable--conclusion


  • Anyone who is writing or planning to write a mystery
  • Writers with a great idea for a mystery and are looking to structure and put that idea into action
  • Veteran writers working in other genres who also want to write mysteries
  • New writers who want to learn the basic building blocks of a mystery
  • Network executives and book editors who want to better understand the process of constructing a successful mystery
  • Anyone who enjoys watching or reading a good mystery


The webinar is broadcasted via the internet with live audio delivered through your computer speakers or over your telephone. The live webinar's visual presentation is displayed directly from the Presenter's computer to your computer screen. The Q&A is managed through a chat-style submission system with questions being read and answered by the Presenter for the entire class to hear. In the event some questions are not answered during the live session, an e-mail with questions and answers will be sent to all webinar attendees. By attending the live webinar and/or asking questions, your full name may be stated during the live event and captured in the recording.

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