How to Format Your Screenplay like a Pro OnDemand Webinar

How to Format Your Screenplay like a Pro OnDemand Webinar

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For those who read many screenplays each week, it's easy to tell after glancing at no more than a page or two if the script is written by a professional or not. The use of correct formatting, word useage and other telltale signs either give your reader a positive impression of your writing skills or a negative one. This webinar will provide the tools for you to write a professional screenplay, enhancing your chances for success.

The webinar will be taught by Glenn M. Benest, award winning screenwriter and one of Los Angeles' most popular instructors of screenwriting workshops.


  • The greatest turn-offs to readers and how to avoid them
  • How to use formatting that makes your read as entertaining as possible
  • Tricks of the trade professional screenwriters use to wow their readers and make their scripts a real page turner
  • What parts of speech are the most crucial to a great read
  • How to stay away from camera angles and other directorial comments that get in the way of great storytelling


  • Beginning writers who are still new to the craft of screenwriting
  • More advanced writers who want hone their ability to create a great read
  • Anyone who wants to apply easy-to-use templates of how to do Flashbacks, Establishing Shots, parentheticals, camera angles, dissolves or any of the technical terms used in a screenplay
  • Screenwriters who want to improve their narrative skills

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