Writer's Digest September/October 2023 Digital Edition

Writer's Digest September/October 2023 Digital Edition

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So much about writing and publishing is mysterious. In a way, each new story one starts drafting is a mystery—who are these characters, what do they want, and what will happen to them? Likewise, once the story is revised and polished, how can the writer get the story into the hands of readers? The September/October 2023 issue of Writer’s Digest is all about “Facing the Mysterious,” whether that’s figuring out the plot twist, finding an agent, or talking to the press once the book is published.

Features Include:

+ 2023 Annual Agent Roundup: 20+ literary agents currently accepting queries from potential new clients offer details about what they’re looking for, the best way to contact them, and help demystify what it’s like to work with an agent. By Amy Jones

+ The WD Interview: Chuck Wendig: The New York Times bestselling author of Wanderers and The Book of Accidents discusses genre-hopping, fear as a motivator, and his new writing book, Gentle Writing Advice. By Kristin Owens

+ The Big Reveal: Write a compelling story by understanding when and how to reveal crucial information to readers for maximum impact (and without being cryptic). By Tiffany Yates Martin

+  Twisty Business: Going hand-in-hand with how and when to reveal information to readers, plot twists are also tricky to get right. This article offers 6 techniques to try to stress test your plot twist. By Jeff Somers

+ Writing Our Way Into (and Out of) Dark Forests: Writing the first draft of a novel can be thought of like an exploration—you’re learning who your characters are and what motivates them. Make the most of the journey by using deep characterization for propulsive storytelling. By Jennifer Givhan

+ The 23rd Annual WD Short Short Story Award Winners: Read “Mrs. Singh Is in Her Wedding Sari Again,” the story by Mary Francis that won the 23rd Annual WD Short Short Story competition along with a Q&A with the author. By Michael Woodson

Plus, you’ll find media/press tips for new writers, advice for creating your author website, a profile of the Château de Monte-Cristo where Alexandre Dumas lived and wrote for two years, and tips for making the most of book signing events, in addition to your favorite columns like Building Better Worlds, Writers on Writing, Breaking In, Next Draft, For All Ages, Publishing Insights, Meet the Agent, and much more.

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