Writer's Yearbook 2011 (Digital Edition)

Writer's Yearbook 2011 (Digital Edition)

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Your Annual Handbook for Writing Success

2010: The Year in Review
by Linda Formichelli
You've come to the right place for all the ups, downs and turnarounds of 2010. Learn about the latest publishing trends that will affect what you write,and how you sell.


The Numbers Game
by Perry P. Perkins
We know, we know: Writers hate math. But as it turns out, one simple equation could put all of your freelance dreams within reach.

The Situation Room
by Linda Formichelli
A veteran writer reveals six common problems freelancers face,and the best way to handle them.

by Matt Villano
By branching out, you can score more bylines, earn more money and even survive those lulls when assignments are slow in coming. Here's how.


The Straight Dope
By Patricia Holt
A brutally honest industry vet offers a survival guide on how to stay true to yourself,and champion your writing,in the book business today.

The Quick & the Read
by Ann Rittenberg
The more concise your query letter, the better shot you have at getting that call from your future agent. Here's how to craft a killer query in three simple paragraphs.

The Other Side of the Desk
by Jennifer Lawler
What can you learn from walking a mile in an agent's shoes? An author who's been there and back shares her biggest lessons.

The Must-Have Online Marketing Plan
By M.J. Rose
There's a brave new world of wired opportunity out there. So when it comes to book trailers, blogs and blasts, how should you really be spending your time?


101 Best Websites for Writers
by Brian A. Klems
The Web is a big place,but our hand-picked roundup tells you exactly where to go for the best in writing advice, publishing resources, creative communities and much more.

The Top 100 Markets for Book & Magazine Writers
by Jennifer Benner
Don't have time to comb thousands of listings to hunt down the perfect markets for your work? Lucky for you, we do. Use our annual shortlist to simplify your search.


2010: In Memoriam
Final words of advice from J.D. Salinger, Sid Fleischman, Dick Francis and Harvey Pekar.

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