Writer's Digest Get Your Book Published 2010 (PDF)

Writer's Digest Get Your Book Published 2010 (PDF)

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Get Your Book Published

101 Best Websites for Writers
Brian A. Klems and the Wd Staff
This master list of helpful sites will show you the best places to educate yourself, sell your work and make new writing friends.

Find Time to Write
Sheila Bender
Make the most of your writing time and maximize your efforts.

Lessons Learned
Published authors take a moment to share what they wish they'd known about the process going in,and help you see your own book's future more clearly.

The Publishing Process From Start to Finish
Jerry D. Simmons
Learn everything you need to know about how a book comes to life.

Win a Book Deal
Scott Francis
These 26 contests reward their winners with a juicy prize: a book contract.

The Query Letter
Kara Gebhart Uhl
Compose a query that connects with readers.


A Novel's Framework
Donald Maass
Examine 4 techniques for crafting solid plot and structure.

The Novel Synopsis
Chuck Sambuchino
Learn to summarize your novel or memoir in a few pages.

Who's Minding the Story?
Nancy Kress
Get a handle on your story's point of view.

Fiction Publishers
Lauren Mosko
Start your search with these 47 markets open to new writers.


From Idea to Book Proposal
Mollie Glick
A literary agent explains the 5 elements of crafting a nonfiction book proposal that hooks editors.

Memoirs & Life Stories
Steve Zousmer
Know the 5 keys for composing a compelling true tale.

Create a Writer Platform
Christina Katz
When you make yourself visible through websites and the media, you become an attractive writer to publishers.

Nonfiction Publishers
Lauren Mosko
Start your search with these 69 markets open to new writers.


The State of Young Adult Books
Jessica Strawser
Agents and editors dish on young adult books today and how to break into this growing category.

Your First Kids Book
Candie Moonshower
Here are 10 essential steps to getting published.

Make Your Final Draft Ready for Editors
Esther Hershenhorn
A writing teacher lays out the dos and don'ts.

Children's & YA Publishers
Lauren Mosko
Start your search with these 67 markets open to new writers.


Your Publishing Questions Answered
Chuck Sambuchino
Leading literary agents tackle questions about queries, fiction, nonfiction and much more.

An Editor Tells All
Robert Lee Brewer
Don't miss this inside advice for getting published,from an editor's perspective.

The Greats Talk Writing
Jessica Strawser
Stephen King and Jerry B. Jenkins, two of the most successful authors of all time, sit down for a talk on craft , business and, above all, passion.

The Creative Process
Successful authors share their secrets.

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