Writer's Digest January 2019 Digital Edition

Writer's Digest January 2019 Digital Edition

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Writer's Digest, January 2019, Volume 99, No. 1

The theme of the January 2019 Writer's Digest is “Write Your Book in 2019!" Pieces in this robust feature package encourage readers to pursue their work-in-progress in the new year. Articles include:

FEATURES: Write Your Book in 2019!

2019 Key Paths to Publishing Get familiar with the vast variety of options available to today's authors. By Jane Friedman

On an Island Subjecting your characters to isolation,physical or social,is a powerful tool to stir up suspense and reel in readers. By Jane K. Cleland

The 9-Minute Novelist Strapped for writing time? Fret no more: This incremental approach will lead you from first draft to finished manuscript in mere minutes a day. By Jeff Somers

Cross-Pollination The future is genre-blending, and it's in full bloom. Here's why your next novel shouldn't fit neatly into any one pot. By Paul Goat Allen

Stick Figures While many writers scorn so-called “flat" characters, sometimes a superficial sketch is more than one-dimensional. By David Corbett

What's the Big Idea? Fertilize your mind with these 15 techniques,guaranteed to germinate a story in even the most arid cerebral soil. By The Editors of Writer's Digest


The WD Interview: Michael Lewis The Big Short and Moneyball author lays out his formula for immersive nonfiction. By Carten Cordell


Layering in Backstory By Hallie Ephron

Navigating Exposition & Background By James Scott Bell

Distinguishing Backstory From History By Steven James


Character Study Bestseller Walter Mosley emphasizes the importance of characterization and the legacy of Devin in a Blue Dress. By Tyler Moss


    • 5-Minute Memoir: Writing by the Numbers
    • Beyond ‚ÄúBorn, Lived and Died"
    • Defend Yourself From Coaching Scams
    • Worth a Thousand Words
    • Poetic Asides: Descort
    • On the (Dreaming) Record


MEET THE AGENT: Wendy Levinson, Harvey Klinger Agency. By Kara Gebhart Uhl

BREAKING IN: Debut author spotlight. By Jess Zafarris

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK: Defining Literary Taste; Correlating Advances With Marketing Efforts. By Barbara Poelle

YOUR STORY:"The Knowing"

TAKE TWO: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable By Jeanne Veillette Bowerman

CONFERENCE SCENE: San Diego State University Writers' Conference; West Coast Christian Writers. PLUS: Conference Planning: What I've Learned By Don Vaughan


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