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Writer's Digest, July/August 2016, Volume 96, No. 5

FEATURES: Write a Standout Chapter 1

The Chain of Awesomeness It all starts with a memorable first line, followed by an attention-grabbing first paragraph. Here's how to build a strong first chapter, link by link. by Jeff Somers

Backstory From the Front Writers are often cautioned not to overload Chapter 1 with backstory,but if not there, where? And what if you think you need it? Use this thoughtful guide to when, why and how past and present should collide. by David Corbett

Countdown to a Great Chapter 1 Engineer these essentials in your opening pages, and your novel will be cleared for takeoff. by Gabriela Pereira

Story Jump-Starts A first chapter doesn't really start with words on a page,it begins with an idea. But how can we best translate a concept into its true starting point, sidestepping false starts and wrong directions? Try these tips, insights and exercises. compiled by Tyler Moss

The WD Interview: Lisa Gardner Twist plots, surprise endings and characters who've been to hell and back,never mind that it could all believably take place right next door. Lisa Gardner works double-time to keep her suspense fresh,and her readers up at night. by Jessica Strawser

Mapping the POV Minefield Stories told from multiple points of view are more popular than ever,but hidden dangers can await those of us who set out to write them. Sidestep these 9 land mines, and you'll carry your reader safely to The End. by Steven James

The Sound of Success The winner of the 16th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition used striking imagery to move readers with “The Vows." PLUS: The complete winners list. by Chelsea Henshey

WRITER'S WORKBOOK: Personal Essays

Essential Elements of Personal Essays by Peter Bricklebank

Character & Conflict in Personal Writing by Dinty W. Moore


Art for Contemporary Writers When the words won't flow, look to visual art for inspiration. by Donna Baier Stein


  • 5-Minute Memoir: Wordplay
  • Life After Life
  • WD Poetry Award Winners
  • Writers Helping Writers
  • On the (Rejection) Record
  • #CompleteThisTweet


MEET THE AGENT: Dado Derviskadic, Folio Literary Management by Kara Gebhart Uhl

BREAKING IN: Debut Author Spotlight by Chuck Sambuchino

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK: Titling Chapters; Grounding Sex Scenes; Taming Envy by Barbara Poelle

YOUR STORY: Contest #71, First Things First

STANDOUT MARKETS: Creative Nonfiction; Seven Stories Press; The California Sunday Magaine by Cris Freese

CONFERENCE SCENE: Historical Writers of America; HippoCamp; Willamette Writers by Don Vaughan

PLATFORMS OF YORE: Ernest Hemingway

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