6 Ways to See Your Work Through an Agent or Publisher's Eyes - Part I

6 Ways to See Your Work Through an Agent or Publisher's Eyes - Part I

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6 Ways to See Your Work Through an Agent or Publisher’s Eyes - Part I

Success in today’s chaotic literary marketplace requires a writer to gain insight into the world of publishers and agents, the criteria by which they assess your query, and what their first impression of your material will be. There are obvious and not-so-obvious ways to ensure your query and writing sample will not only get read, but will also result in a positive experience for everyone involved.

This tutorial is presented by Charlotte Robin Cook, an experienced publisher and story editor, and Jon James Miller, an award-winning screenwriter and debut novelist who retained his first literary agent with a compelling query letter in 2011.

In this 33-minute tutorial video, you’ll discover:

  • Why a compelling query letter is still the industry standard to getting your work seen
  • What agents and acquisition editors have in common
  • What agents and acquisition editors look for in a query letter
  • How to approach an agent at a convention or other such meeting place
  • How to avoid the manuscript submission “slush pile”
  • How to time submissions so agents and acquisition editors will respond
  • How to follow submission guidelines and avoid an agent’s ire
  • How to delight versus frustrating agents and acquisition editors
  • How to best handle the wait time between your submission and agent’s response

Agents and acquisition editors are people who are passionate about writers and writing. They want to hear from you and review your manuscript. Within Part I and Part II of this tutorial series, you’ll learn six ways to see through the eyes of today’s busy publishing professionals—and give you the perspective you need to succeed.