Shaping Our Stories: Approaches to Narrative Voice in Creative Nonfiction

Shaping Our Stories: Approaches to Narrative Voice in Creative Nonfiction

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We’re all familiar with Whitman’s line “I contain multitudes” but writers often struggle to find a compelling voice in their creative nonfiction. How do we tell our own true stories? In this OnDemand webinar, award-winning author and educator Megan Baxter will break down different approaches to narrative voice that will help you express yourself in your creative nonfiction. You’ll learn how to view yourself both as a character and an author and how to navigate the challenges of memory, identity, and creativity to shape your true stories.


Megan Baxter is the author of three books of creative nonfiction. Her most recent essay collection Twenty Square Feet of Skin was released in May 2023 from Mad Creek Books. She has won numerous national awards including a Pushcart Prize. Her work can be found in publications such as The Threepenny ReviewHotel AmerikaThe Florida Review, and Creative Nonfiction Magazine. Megan lives in New Hampshire where she runs her own small, organic farm and teaches creative writing. As an instructor, Megan mentors writers of all ages and seeks to develop cross-genre and innovative creative writing pedagogy for her workshops and classes. Recently, her creative focus has shifted to fiction. She is working on a novel as well as short stories and flash forms.

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