Writer's Digest, February 2019 Digital Edition

Writer's Digest, February 2019 Digital Edition

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Writer's Digest, February 2019, Volume 99, No. 2

The theme of the February 2019 Writer's Digest is “The Identity Issue," with a focus on exploring expression, point of view and representation. Articles include:

FEATURES: The Identity Issue

Through the Looking Glass As publishing endeavors to address diversity and inclusion in fiction, an inevitable question arises: Can authors write characters whose experiences are outside of their own? By Diana M. Pho

Up Close and Personal From fast-paced action to intimate drama, third-person limited POV can be adapted to any scene or situation. Discover how to make the most of fiction's most flexible form. By Peter Mountford

Writing Queer While the roots of LGBTQ literature stretch back to the ancient Greeks, only in the modern era have works that openly address the experience seen the sun. Here we trace the history of,and current opportunities for,queer authors. By Elizabeth Sims

Changing the Face of Crime Fiction In a genre that has historically lacked diversity, six writers of color discuss overcoming the challenge of breaking in and the current climate for crime/mystery/thriller fiction. By David Corbett

Know Thy Reader Peer inside the psyche of your readers and learn to leverage the five factors that keep them flipping pages. By Steven James


The WD Interview: Cassandra Clare The YA sensation unveils the practical magic behind her bestselling Shadowhunter series and demystifies the secrets of writing for different age groups and fostering representation in fiction. By Jess Zafarris

WRITER'S WORKBOOK: Query Tips & Tricks

Ace Your Query Letter By Jody Rein with Michael Larsen

Writing the Letter You're Not Going to Send By Ann Rittenberg


Secrets to Share Investigative reporting often involves tracking down reluctant sources and convincing them to tell what they know. Four veteran reporters explain how they get the job done. By Roger Morris

  • 5-Minute Memoir: Fool Me Once
  • Death to Character Descriptions
  • Digital Repository Limbo
  • Worth a Thousand Words
  • Poetic Asides: Seguidilla
  • From Page to Silver Screen

MEET THE AGENT: John Cusick, Folio Literary Management/Folio Jr. By Kara Gebhart Uhl

BREAKING IN: Debut author spotlight. By Jess Zafarris

FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK: Removing Obstacles to Literary Representation; Signing a Draft. By Barbara Poelle

YOUR STORY: “First Things First"

TAKE TWO: Therapy for Your Characters By Jeanne Veillette Bowerman

CONFERENCE SCENE: Sleuthfest; Liberty State Fiction Writers Contest. PLUS: Get the Most Out of In-Person Meetings By Don Vaughan


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