2nd Draft Critique Short Story Editors

Jack Adler

Jack Adler has been a fulltime freelance writer since 1974, drawing upon his previous business experience for his writing specialties: travel, health, recreation and leisure articles. A fulltime job as feature editor of Travel Weekly helped lead Jack to becoming a columnist, on a freelance basis, for the travel section of the Los Angeles Times for 15 years; he wrote two columns: Consumer Report and Bargain Corner.


Terri Valentine

The writing career of romance novelist Terri Valentine is truly a Cinderella story. An avid reader all of her life, she began writing her first historical romance in the summer of 1985 on an old Smith-Corona manual typewriter. Of course it had several keys that stuck, and invariably every time she made even minor changes the entire manuscript had to be completely retyped. In spite of such adversities, she believed in herself and finished that first valiant effort, and then went on to revise her manuscript several times before satisfied.


Cherri Randall

Dr. Cherri Randall is the author of The Memory of Orchids (novel, 2011 Cyberwit) and was a finalist in Clapboard House’s Best of the House 2011 Short Story Contest and was a finalist for Skywater Publishing Sol’s Books short story collection in 2009.   Her short stories have appeared in Blood Lotus, Lake Effect, Paradigm, The Fertile Source, Blue Earth Review, Permafrost Review, The Potomac Review, Colere, and Bewildering Stories.  She was the recipient of the Baucum Fulkerson  Fiction Award at the University of Arkansas where she completed an MFA in creative writing and a PhD in English Literature.