2nd Draft: Manuscript Review Testimonials

We really appreciate your feedback on our 2nd Draft Manuscript Critique Service. Our reviewers are all published authors and can provide you with a high quality writing critique on your manuscript review.

John De Chancie’s critique of the first four chapters of my popular science book, Einstein Relatively Simple was simply terrific. I had the book reviewed by ten people previously, but none had his insight and understanding of the writing process. As an established and prolific author, he gave me much wise counsel.  He told me where I did well and more important, where I needed to improve. I especially appreciate the many specific details on how to make the book more accessible to the lay reader.

In summary, his review was most instructive and worthwhile. He was direct, honest, and helpful. I believe my book will be much more readable and enjoyable as a result.

And his kind words on what he did like about my writing gives me motivation to go on.
~ Mark

This was the best $150 I ever spent!  The critique was thorough, thoughtful, and professional.  I really learned a lot from it and would recommend it without reservation to anyone who truly wants to improve his/her writing!
~ Susan

I’m very pleased and impressed with Writer’s Digest 2nd Draft Critique Service. They assigned me to an editor who was familiar with my genre and enjoyed reading the types of books I write. Becky Levine has completed two critiques for me. The first material I sent in was the first sixty pages of my manuscript. Becky provided very detailed and professional comments which helped me to improve my opening scene. I was so pleased with the critique I submitted the full manuscript (after I’d updated the opening scene).  Her second review has provided me with the solid feedback I need to make my novel competitive in the market.
~ Cynthia R. Richards

It was definitely “money well spent”.  I received such valuable feedback that brought to light errors I was making in my writing, things I would have never picked out on my own, no matter how many times I went through it.  The editor who was assigned to my novel – Terri Valentine – had incredible insight on ways to improve the writing in my novel.  It was a great decision to use this service to help enhance my writing.
~ Lori Meyer

I consider the cost of the 2nd Draft critique money well spent. The critique of the first 100 pages of my novel gave me an objective analysis of the concept and the work done, confidence in my work and solid suggestions for improvement.

I really liked the service. It was quick, efficient and help spotlight the places in my novel that worked and the places that needed some extra attention.

I would definitely use the service again.
~ Patsy Stagner

Like many aspiring authors, I have been looking for the right ways to make my story “pop”. Until now, the feedback I have received has been from my editors and friends, all of whom know me and have some connection to me and my story. I was able to extract some useful information from their comments, but I felt it was time to take my project to the next level and get a professional critique. When I saw the email from Writer’s Digest regarding 2nd Draft, I jumped and chose for the expert level critique. Jordan Rosenfeld was assigned to my story and after submitting, I received her critique a little more than two business weeks later and I was very pleased with the results. Jordan went through my manuscript and offered line by line commentary about what worked well and more importantly, what needed revision. Instead of just outlining a sentence or paragraph and stating that it needed some work, she offered insight in the specifics of what was falling flat to her as an objective reader. Her comments have pointed me in the right direction and I am very pleased that with the service I received.

Gloria Kempton’s comments were insightful and thoughtful. The additional resources she suggested will be helpful if I move forward with this project. I would certainly use Second Draft again.
~ Paricia Burgess

I have spent time with three “writer’s groups.” The comments by Jack Adler (2nd Draft Service) went further and deeper than all. I will be implementing most of his constructive comments as I get to “3rd” (actually 10th) draft. Thanks for providing this service, and kudos to Jack!
~ Murray Tucker

I was a college professor for 36 years, and I was quite loved by my students.  I had “a following,” and all!  But, I NEVER, EVER had a professor/teacher/coach like you, Carolyn!!

Your critique was, hopefully, the type of help that I gave my students —and believe me, I gave plenty of that.  I would like to think that my help to my students resembled your critique, but I’m sure that I came up short.  Perhaps, I have isolated myself too much from others, but of the limited number of family members and friends whom I’ve allowed to read portions of my memoir, have either been afraid to give me their honest opinion, or WORSE, have never told me whether any parts of the memoir were good!  And so, I have lived wondering if perhaps, I’m really not really a good writer.  Oh sure, I’ve published fiction in other languages, and I’ve certainly published non-fiction, but that was some years ago, when I was active s a college professor.

What I’m getting at, Carolyn, is that I needed to hear from another writer that some parts, at least, of “Growing Up Puerto Rican…” were good.  Naturally, I needed to hear about the parts that did not work well so that I can repair them. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR OBSERVATIONS ABOUT WHAT NEEDS “TUNING UP” IN MY MEMOIR!  (Beginning with the use of all caps and exclamations marks, not to mention italics.)

You are an incredible coach, and I will recommend you to every other writer that I know or meet.  Moreover, I would like the titles of books that you have written so that I, too, can read them. 

I almost forgot the most important part of this whole letter: THANK YOU!  ¡GRACIAS!  MERCI BEAUCOUP! GRAZIE!!  MUITO OBRIGADO!  DANKE SCHOËN!
~ Jaime Martínez Tolentino

I just finished going through the critique that Terri did for my manuscript. Every suggestion was valuable and I cannot believe how much this has impacted my manuscript. Her suggestions have taken it from good to great.  I also appreciate that it was done in such a short period of time. I would definitely recommend this service to any writer.
~ Darlene Butts

I am pleased with the results of the Critique Service. The critique was performed in a timely manner and on schedule. Joe provided valuable insights to take my story to the next level. As I tire of trying to edit my own writing and feel I am overtaxing my local critique group, it is refreshing and encouraging to get a professional opinion from the outside. Now I am ready to tackle the next rewrite with fresh eyes and fresh ideas.

I won lottery! Gloria Kempton’s comments and suggestions about my manuscript were comprehensive, concrete and easy to understand. How refreshing to get an in-depth critique from a professional!  I am eager to start revisions.
~ Sue Cleveland

As a first time novelist, the information provided by Ms. Terry Valentine was invaluable. I learned a long time ago, “you never get a second chance at a first impression”.  Knowing how competitive the publishing industry is today, it is important for me to put my best foot forward from the beginning. The 2nd Draft Critique service is a tool all first time novelists should avail themselves of.  It is definitely worth the money. 
~ Mark Boyd, ND

I’m so glad with the work that Rita Robinson is doing for me! She is the perfect person to guide me and teach me all I need to know. Thanks to her, I’ll be able to do a wonderful job.
~ Marie C. Guerrin

I just received my critique from Writer’s Digest 2nd Draft Critique Service and couldn’t be more pleased.  Not only was the person who critiqued my book gentle on tender novice-writer feelings, but each poiint she made was well-thought out and valid.  She gave me excellent ideas for improving the book, some of which were new ideas (thank you!) and some of which confirmed thoughtsI had had in the back of my mind.  It was especially helpful that she provided an overall critique but also included specific notes throughout the manuscript.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use 2nd Draft again. Thank you for this valuable service.
~ Michelle Vaughn, first time (hopeful) writer

I found Writer’s Digest 2nd Draft Critique Service an invaluable resource that I will use again.  This service is the best place to turn in this lonely endeavor for objective, professional, and instructive advice.  Ms. Kempton provided specific suggestions, always encouraging, and always accompanied with guidance—I believe crucial guidance.  I felt I received a comprehensive critique that gave me a good sense of what I must accomplish in the rewrite so I would say, “Thanks, I needed that.”
~ David Sebring

My manuscript had been sitting in the computer for months.  I felt like I’d written a good story, but something was missing.  I’d dithered over it for weeks, but eventually shut the file and moved on to other things.  When I saw the ad for 2nd Draft Services, I decided to send fifty pages.  Maybe a pro could spot the problem.  My reply was prompt. The suggested changes made sense, and I find mysef excited over my work again, because I now understand what was broken, and how to fix it.
~ Sandra Noble

I’m very impressed with quality of the comments from Jordan Rosenfeld.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  In fact I’d managed to convince myself that Jordan would hate my story, but she actually confirmed a lot of what I had suspected in terms of its shortfalls, and given me so much more to think about.  Obviously I have a lot of work to do, but I fully intend to explore all of Jordan’s suggestions (as far as I can tell they all make perfect sense) and so have my work cut out for me.  Her comments were very encouraging so I’m looking forward to the task.  I would have no hesitation using Jordan again.
~ David H. 

My experience with 2nd Draft was exemplary.  Terri Valentine edited my manuscript and her critique was thorough and motivating.  When it was returned to me, I knew exactly where to apply my energy to make my novel the very best it could be.  Thank you, 2nd Draft for the excellent resource.  I could not be happier with the edit.  It was money well spent.
~ Sue Stanley

Becky Levine did a wonderful job! I was impressed by the detailed comments as well as the overall critique. Her comments were easy to understand, addressing story flow issues and the importance of staying in the ‘now’ within the first chapter. She was very thorough, pointing out areas of awkward phrasing or where a different word choice would have been better, making suggestions which, for the most part, I wholeheartedly agreed with. Plus, she gave regular positive reinforcement, offering praise where it was warranted. I would definitely consider 2nd Draft Critique Service in the future, and would most definitely request Becky Levine.
~ Lori Villarreal

Becky Levine did a tremendous job,  She returned her comments back to me in half the time she had originally commmitted to!  She also went page by page through my manuscript with helpful commentary and her summary critique really pulled those comments together for me. This was my first submittal to Writer’s Digest and I will certainly use the 2nd Draft service again. 

Your 2nd Draft Critique Service was just what I needed. Not only did it help with areas that needed fixing, it also helped motivate me to keep going. My prior writing experience did not include the writing of a novel, so I had doubts as to whether or not I was even headed in the right direction. I didn’t want to write ninety thousand plus words, only to find out that I’d need to fix everything.

The editor assigned to my first fifty pages was very helpful. He pointed out all areas that needed to be worked on, but also pointed out the positives of my book. With his help, I fixed the areas he pointed out to me and submitted to a couple of publishers. Actually got back excellent feedback on the book itself. Now I just need to submit to a publisher that is looking for this type of story.

Thanks again, 2nd Draft Critique Service was just what I needed to help guide me in the right direction without spending a fortune.
~ J.A.E.

The author providing feedback to me was great. She confirmed some things I questioned myself and also highlighted some areas and provided some insight I had not yet considered.  She went well beyond my expectations. There was also a very quick turnaround time from the time she received it until the time she provided feedback to me.  I was very satisfied.   I will use the service again.
~ Tracy

I was extremely pleased with the results I got from 2nd Draft.  As a new writer, I was dying for some professional advice after finishing my first novel.  The critique I received was invaluable.  My editor, Terri Valentine, sent me a personal letter giving me advice on everything from POV flaws to grammatical mistakes to ways of making my book more of a page turner.  In addition, she left comments, corrections, and suggestions throughout every single page I sent her.  I will be forever grateful.  Thank you 2nd Draft!
~ Kim Chavez

2nd Draft offered me a professional pair of fresh eyes and the spit shine my manuscript needed.  I can now submit my first three chapters without hesitation.