2nd Draft Picture Book Critique Editor

Meet the editors

Terri Valentine

The writing career of romance novelist Terri Valentine is truly a Cinderella story. An avid reader all of her life, she began writing her first historical romance in the summer of 1985 on an old Smith-Corona manual typewriter. Of course it had several keys that stuck, and invariably every time she made even minor changes the entire manuscript had to be completely retyped. In spite of such adversities, she believed in herself and finished that first valiant effort, and then went on to revise her manuscript several times before satisfied.

One year later, Terri submitted Sea Dream to publishers. After several rejections, good ones she was later to learn by the standards of the industry, she went on to sell her book. Since then, she has been under steady contract. To date, she has ten romance novels and a Christmas short story in publication. Sweet Paradise was nominated for Best Romance Adventure by Romantic Times in 1992. Louisiana Caress received a coveted K.I.S.S (Knight in Shining Silver) Award from Romantic Times in 1993. Sands of Time (1993), her first time travel romance, is set in the Middle East. In 1995, Storm Dancer was a single release title from Zebra, followed in 1997 by the release of Paradise Promised. At present she is under contract for two more historicals, and she is currently working on a high-concept romantic novel that her agent anxiously awaits. She has also written a screenplay that is in production rewrites.

“Most valuable to me is the unstinted assistance and shared knowledge given to me by other writers throughout my career. I would never published if it had not been for the help of one such writer who offered support and encouragement from start to finish of that first manuscript.” Following in her mentor footsteps, she has eagerly critiqued manuscripts and helped other beginning novelists learn the taxing craft of writing, many of whom have gone on to publish.

Holly Adler

Holly Alder graduated from Northwestern University with an Education/ English double major and an emphasis in children’s literature. She also acquired an M.Ed. from National College of Education in elementary teaching, with an emphasis in grade school art. She taught writing and literature at Principia College for ten years, including freshman English, writing, and children’s literature and writing.

Holly taught writing for five more years at the University of Cincinnati while picking up an M.A. in psychology, and had various jobs in that field, but never found one she could stomach for long. She then accepted the position of manager of the children’s department of one of the first Barnes & Noble superstores, where she has been for fifteen more years, starving, but happily collecting children’s books, teaching children’s crafts, and writing.

Holly has written five children’s plays, three of which were produced, one published, and one of which won an honor award from the National Society of Arts and Letters. She has two children’s craft books published by F&W Publications. She is presently working on a middle-grade reader about the ghost who inhabited the house she grew up in, and a jewelry-making book for teens.