2nd Draft Query Letter Critique Testimonials

Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoyed our 2nd Draft Query Letter Critique Service. Writing a query letter is an art. If you are crafting an agent query letter or are wondering how to write a good query letter our qualified professionals can provide you with quality feedback. Our critique editors know how to write a query letter to a publisher because they’re published authors! Also, be sure to check out our online workshops.

I’ve spent countless months, and drafts, on perfecting my query letter. I had friends and other writers read and critique it. Even though it felt right, I needed an experts perspective and guidance before I sent it out to agents. The feedback I got from the 2nd Draft expert gave me just what I needed to know that my query is ready.
~ Ara

I used the service to test a client’s raw query letter and found the service to provide specific, detailed, and helpful comments on the document. Using the recommendations from this service will help authors get more positive responses from literary agents and publishers’ editors.
~ Timothy Staveteig, Literary Agent

The reason I hired 2nd Draft was because I have no clue as to whether my query letter is helping me or hurting me. I am 50-60 rejections into the process right now, and it has made me wonder whether my query is doing my book any justice. Is it boring? Is it just another letter in the pile of letters that agents get?

I have been working with Kathie from 2nd Draft, and she provided comments inline to my letter of where I can make changes. She has also been kind enough to email back and forth with me a few times to answer my questions and to provide me with more feedback.

Now, I am off to revise and start querying again now that I am more confident in my letter. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
~ BJ

I recently used 2nd Draft Critique Service to evaluate my agent query letter.
The editor of my query letter was prompt to respond,and gave me very good advice and suggestions.
I would highly recommend this service to every writer seeking an agent.
~Keith Wilson

I found it valuable, Terri turned my query letter around in less than a week and gave me specific actionable advice I could use to improve my query. I would recommend this service to other first-time writers who aren’t sure if their query is hitting the mark.
~ Kristin

I found Carolyn Walker’s analysis of my query letter very astute and her recommendations extremely valuable. I will follow her suggestions of ways to strengthen my letter. Thank you very much for a great service!
~ Charlie

I opted to try your “query letter review” and submitted my query a little over a week ago. I fully expected the process to take longer, but Jack Adler (my reviewer) responded with a very detailed critique in a very timely manner! I must first happily say that his overall review of the query letter left me hopeful, which, as a new writer, I consider very important. With regards to his suggestions, I found them concise, to the point, and, most appreciatively, easy for a fledgling writer to understand. All of them were very helpful, as Jack took the time to give sound reasons for suggesting them. I was very happy with his critique, and I will definitely be using your services again, as well as suggesting them to other up incoming writers whom I know!
~ Richard Smith

I just wanted to thank you for your feedback. Your comments were thorough and completely helpful. This was a really excellent review and I appreciate all your thoughts.
~ Scott

First you polish your novel, then you look for an agent. Along the way you discover that a poorly constructed query letter can stop you cold. Second Draft’s critique service gives me that extra spit shine and assurance that my query letter is as professional as it can possibly be. I feel that I can now proceed with confidence and begin to query agents. Terri Valentine not only made well reasoned constructive suggestions, she also answered questions I posed regarding the unique format of email queries. When you get to this point in the process you worry about every t you cross and i you dot. With the second pair of eyes Second Draft provides, I worry much less. In fact, I might even sleep tonight – after I revise three more chapters.
~ Lynne Marino

My 2nd draft query letter was reviewed by Carolyn Walker. I was very pleased with the review. It told me what works and what does not. Considering the importance of the query letter in obtaining a literary agent or publisher, I found this service of great value.

The critique of my query letter was prompt, thorough and very inciteful. I will absolutely hire Terri for a full manuscript critique.

I believe the value I receive from Writer’s Digest seminars and services is excellent.
~ V.G.

My query consultant Jack Adler was fantastic. Writing a query letter is the most difficult writing task I’ve ever encountered. I’ve spent hours reading agent’s blogs and getting feedback from a variety of online sites but Jack’s work on my own query letter really sharpened what needs to be in the letter. Can’t say whether or not I’ll get an agent, but I will feel a lot more confident of my query letter. Thanks. It was a great help.
~ Mike