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Thank you for choosing to work with Writer’s Digest to enhance your author platform.

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IMPORTANT: Scheduling Your Consultation

To begin your consultation schedule, please send an email with the following to

As the subject line, please include the following text:

    Platform Development Service, Order # (Your order number can be found on your order receipt.)

In order to make the most efficient use of your consultation, please answer the following questions in your email.

Consultation Scheduling Information:


Email Address:

Phone Number:

Preferred Consultation Days/Times: (Please Note: We will do our best to find a time with the ideal platform consultant that works best with your schedule)

Your assigned consultant will email within 3 business days to ask you important questions to learn about your platform and your goals. To get you started on preparing an answer, please know that the consultant's questions will be in the vein of these below:

About Your Work:

1) What is the book you want to focus on and promote? (Take your time with this. Provide the title, genre/category, and basic info.)

2) What is the status of your book? (Published, Self-Published, or Querying)

3) What other books do you have up your sleeve for the future? Please explain if they are connected to your primary book or are different in some/many ways.

About Your Audience:

1) How would you define the audience(s) you would like to reach? Who is the ideal reader for your book?

About Your Existing Platform:

1) What, exactly, have you done so far to promote your work? Please take your time with this question, and let us know if you have a website, blog, Twitter account, public speaking success, etc.--as well as the size/status of each.

Website or Blog: (If existing, please provide URL and any available traffic information)

Twitter Account: (If existing, please provide URL and number of followers

Facebook Account: (If existing, please provide URL and number of followers)

Public Speaking Engagements:


Any other marketing activities

2) What do you consider your strengths in terms of promotion, platform and social media?

3) What do you consider your weaknesses?

4) How much time each day/week can you put toward building your platform and marketing yourself/your books?

General Questions:

1) We can address very general concerns, but, that said, what specific areas do you want platform consultant to assist you with? Social media? Guest writing? Other?

2) What drew you to WD's Author Services Center? How did you find out about us?