10 Query Letter Musts: The Devil's in the Details Video Download

10 Query Letter Musts: The Devil's in the Details Video Download

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Many of you have or will soon be ready to take the next step on the path to publication. Your journey's first major communication is a query letter. Your query letter's intent is to connect you with an agent, a publisher, or an acquisitions editor. Your letter brings attention to your manuscript in a manner that opens up a relationship and results in your cherished goal--a published book available in the marketplace of readers. Opening that relationship requires care. Step 1 is an assiduously crafted query letter. Done right, Step 1 will lead you to Step 2: A request for your full manuscript. Step 2 has a great likelihood of leading you to your final goal. But remember, Step 1, that carefully crafted query letter, is the key to getting you (and your manuscript!) in the door.

This tutorial is taught by Charlotte Cook. Charlotte Cook, MFA, is a sought-after story editor and published writer. Formerly a publisher and cofounder of KOMENAR Publishing, Charlotte brought six award-winning novels to publication. Charlotte has been teaching writing since 1993 and has been a popular guest speaker and workshop leader at numerous conferences. Many of her students have been published, found agents, won contests, and have entered graduate programs. Charlotte recently completed a novel, making her just like you. She, too, requires a query letter to move her novel forward.

What do you need to know? You need to understand the 10 query letter musts, in which the devil's in the details.

This 55-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • The 10 MUSTS and why these details are so critical to your query.
  • Some industry professionals are gate keepers, others are decision makers . . . learn how to tell the difference and how to correctly approach each.
  • Why all industry professionals want to discover new talent.
  • How to use your query to find an industry champion.
  • This is a business . . . learn why it's important to critically understand this concept.
  • How to establish your manuscript's place in the world of the reader.
  • Tricks to help you demonstrate professionalism and talent.

An effective query letter strategy will open doors for you, your ambitions, and of course, your manuscript.

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