150 Ways to Make Your Book Successful - Part 2

150 Ways to Make Your Book Successful - Part 2

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150 Ways to Make Your Book Successful – Part 2

What makes a book a winner? There are many critical factors that cannot be missed. When it comes to marketing your book, the choices you make for distribution channels and partners can be the critical difference in your success. Discover how you can avoid mistakes most untrained authors make. 150 Way to Make Your Book Successful – Part 2 discusses another 50 tips,sure to help you with your book's success story!

This tutorial is presented by Brian Jud, an author and experienced book-marketing consultant. He is President of Premium Book Company, a distributor of books into non-bookstore markets. He has helped thousands of authors and publishers steer clear of the most common mistakes that can doom any publishing venture.

In this 34-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • How to write a title that screams, ‚Äúyou-have-to-buy-me!"
  • Why poorly written back-cover copy will destroy your sales,and how to correct it
  • Reasons why you may not need a distributor
  • A checklist for choosing the right distribution partners
  • How you can double the sales of your book to non-bookstore buyers
  • How to write and submit a proposal to distributors that will maximize your chances of getting accepted
  • How to double your profits by knowing the difference between the concepts of price and cost
  • How to price your book right,helping your publishing venture to succeed

Before you can do any promotion you must publish a high-quality book, have it on the right shelves in the right stores, priced at a point where people will buy it. You will know how to do this after watching the tutorial.

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