150 Ways to Make Your Book Successful - Part 3

150 Ways to Make Your Book Successful - Part 3

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150 Ways to Make Your Book Successful – Part 3

When you first publish, nobody has heard of you or your book, so your initial promotion is the key to your success. If you focus only on social media, you will miss many opportunities to reach prospective buyers. An assorted, persuasive, and targeted promotional mix should maximize your sales, revenue, and profits.

This tutorial is presented by Brian Jud, an author, television host and experienced book-marketing consultant. He has helped thousands of authors and publishers steer clear of the most common mistakes that can doom any publishing venture.

In this 34-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • Where and when to promote for maximum impact
  • How using social media incorrectly can minimize your chances of success
  • How to professionally persuade your prospects to buy more of your books
  • New ways to get more impact and sales from your promotion
  • Tips for writing publicity that brings you more exposure and reviews
  • When,and when not,to submit for reviews
  • Why and how award competitions can increase your sales
  • How to time your promotion with a special marketing period for a slingshot effect

Promotion can use up your money faster than any other marketing tool. Use it wisely and your investment will pay off maximum dividends . . .this tutorial will show you how.

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