7 Surprising Approaches to Character Development Video Download

7 Surprising Approaches to Character Development Video Download

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So many ways to think about Character Development. Do this, list that, plan and visualize. Well, Charlotte Robin Cook, a former publisher and acquisition editor, and now a successful story editor, has seven SURPRISING approaches to making your characters real, engaging, and even entertaining both to you and your future readership. And the operative word is SURPRISING. If a character doesn't surprise you, how can the character be believable, be real? Writer and reader alike want characters who are irresistible, compelling. These are strategies for bringing life and wonder to characters.

In this 53-minute tutorial video, you'll learn:

  • How the SURPRISE Factor works
  • The Rule of Three
  • Whose agenda drives the story
  • Who knows the story's end?
  • The Simple Person/Simple World test
  • Birthing an original character from personal circumstances
  • Do you know your character too well?

Knowing how to find the surprises in your characters means that those characters will come to life on the page. Coming to life on the page means that readers will be enthralled by them--and the story. Put all that together and find out how the Surprise Factor makes for an unexpected advancements in your writing abilities.

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