8 Things First-Time Novelists Need to Avoid

8 Things First-Time Novelists Need to Avoid

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8 Things First-Time Novelists Need to Avoid

You've just finished your first novel and can't wait to submit it for the possibility of publication. In your excitement, however, you make some newbie mistakes and your manuscript is rejected. This tutorial demystifies the mistakes first-time novelists make. This tutorial will help you avoid being perceived as a “beginner" to the industry professionals who've seen it all and stand between your book getting rejected and accepted for publication.

This tutorial is presented by Charlotte Robin Cook, an experienced publisher and story editor, and Jon James Miller, an award-winning screenwriter and debut novelist. Both Charlotte and Jon have tremendous writing experience and know the ins-and-outs of how to edit novels into successful reads. They work with both first-time novelists and industry professionals looking for fresh new literary voices.

In this 38-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • Why first novels need to be professional reads to be taken seriously
  • Literary cliches to avoid and how to make your story fresh and exciting
  • Writing devices you can use to advance your story
  • How to avoid excessive backstory and keep your narrative moving forward
  • How to attribute dialogue and keep the reader reading
  • How to avoid jumping chronology,a first-time novelist giveaway
  • Why limiting the number of main characters improves your chances of getting taken seriously
  • How to avoid common assumptions that will result in your manuscript being rejected
  • How to work within guidelines to get your manuscript read
  • How to approach the business of publishing to get published

First-time novelists are the life-blood of the publishing industry. Publishing houses are always looking for exciting fresh voices and launch new writing careers. This tutorial will help you minimize the risks of being dismissed as an amateur,and be seen as a new force in today's literary marketplace.

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