The Art of the Pitch: Perfect Your Number One Tool to Attracting Agents, Publishers, and Readers

The Art of the Pitch: Perfect Your Number One Tool to Attracting Agents, Publishers, and Readers

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  • You've been rejected by an agent and/or publisher
  • You are ready to pitch your work
  • You are having trouble explaining your book in 250 words or less
  • You are looking to self-publish and need top-drawer jacket copy


Learn how to explain what's amazing, awesome, absolutely fabulous, funny, heartbreaking, entertaining, informative, and valuable about your book IN 250 WORDS OR LESS!!! In this presentation, The Book Doctors will show you the nuts and bolts of what makes a perfect pitch that will get you past the gatekeepers, out of the slush pile, and into the heads, hearts, and hands of readers all over the world.

You'll also hear The Book Doctors will deconstruct,at random,a number of pitches that live webinar participants sent in beforehand. These pitches were critiqued, kindly and gently,allowing you to see how to transform valuable coal into a glittering diamond. This presentation is for fiction and nonfiction of all kinds.


  • How to start with a bang and end with a climax
  • How to develop your story arc and characters
  • How to capture the voice of your book
  • How to make your title all it can be
  • How to avoid the plot-heavy pitch
  • How to establish that you're the person to write your book
  • How to find great comparable titles
  • How to construct a five-second elevator pitch


Arielle Eckstut & David Henry Sterry, AKA The Book Doctors, have over 35 years of experience in the publishing business. They are the co-authors of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: How To Write It, Sell It and Market It ... Successfully (Workman, 2010), as well as twenty other books between them. They are co-founders of The Book Doctors, a company dedicated to helping authors with every step of the publishing process. They have helped dozens and dozens of talented amateurs become professionally published authors. They have taught their publishing workshops everywhere from Stanford University to Smith College, and appeared everywhere from NPR to the London Times to USA Today to the Washington Post to the front cover of the Sunday New York Times Book Review. They are also the inventors of Pitchapalooza (American Idol for Books) which they have presented at over a hundred independent bookstores, writer's conferences and book fairs.

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