Build Your Own Writing Platform Video Download

Build Your Own Writing Platform Video Download

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"Platform" is a publishing catchword that confuses many writers: We're all supposed to understand its importance, but in actuality, we may not know what it is or how to create one.

Join Writer's Market editor Robert Lee Brewer as he takes you step by step through the process of building your writing platform. You'll discover all the necessary tools and techniques, and reap the benefits of his targeted 6-point strategy. From blogging and Tweeting to attending conferences and making videos, he addresses the multitude of resources available for growing your readership.

What you learn in this 60-minute video:
  • The basic definition of "platform"
  • Common platform-building tools, including Twitter, Google+, and old-school tools like business cards and websites
  • Social networking etiquette (Remember: Once it's out there, it's out there)
  • Answers to commonly asked questions, including, "Is this worth my time?'
  • 6 strategies for building your own platform
  • Additional resources, and much more

Preview the tutorial, and get your platform off the ground today!

OnDemand webinars do not include a critique.

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