Crafting Dialogue Worksheet – The Nighttime Novelist

Crafting Dialogue Worksheet – The Nighttime Novelist

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You'll Love This Worksheet If:

  • You have read The Nighttime Novelist
  • You are writing a novel
  • You want to practice writing dialogue

Any writer who is thinking about writing a novel should know the basics of writing dialogue. After all, the dialogue between characters is one of the ways in which a writer can attract readers' attention.

When you buy this worksheet on writing dialogue from The Nighttime Novelist by Joseph E. Bates, you'll construct a brief scene from a list of opening lines. Then you'll write a dialogue between two characters.

In This Worksheet You'll:

  • Complete opening lines using a list of adjectives
  • Come up with ideas for scenes
  • Write a dialogue between characters that reveals a dilemma

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