Creating a Character That Your Reader Can't Forget

Creating a Character That Your Reader Can't Forget

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Debbie Dadey once made a student cry because she came to his school,he had been expecting the characters in her book, and he was bitterly disappointed that they couldn't make it! Dadey walks you through four basic steps in creating layered characters that will make your readers laugh, cry, and never forget your stories.


Debbie Dadey is the author and co-author of 166 traditionally published books, including The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series from Scholastic (listed by as one of Scholastic's top three best-selling series of all time) and Mermaid Tales from Simon and Schuster. She has sold over 42 million books. Her newest Mermaid Tales, Books vs Looks, combines ocean ecology and marine life into a fantasy story. A former first grade teacher and librarian, Dadey lives in Sevierville, TN, with her two dogs and handsome husband. Her three children are scattered across the country. She loves visiting elementary schools and speaking with groups about writing. Her passion is helping reluctant readers. Learn more at

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