Creating Compelling Characters in Six Simple Steps Video Download

Creating Compelling Characters in Six Simple Steps Video Download

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Meeting a character in a novel is not that different from meeting people in real life. When we open a new book, it's as if we've moved into a new town and were meeting a whole bunch of new people at the same time. Our likes and dislikes are based on first impressions, and it takes a while to get to know a person. Some people grow on us, and others don't. As a writer, you want all of your characters to be unique, and not only that, you also want them to be memorable to your readers. How do you do that, given you don't have years to develop a relationship between your characters and your readers.

What makes a memorable character? A certain behavior quirk? A look? His backstory? Her value system? The way he talks and listens or the way she acts and reacts? What is a complex character? How do you write a dynamic character? Should readers feel compassion for a villain? Do characters have to be likable? This illuminating tutorial will reveal six simple steps that will answer these questions and help you write compelling characters that drive your plot forward.

This tutorial is presented by literary editor Helga Schier. After years as editor in traditional publishing houses, Helga founded and now provides independent editorial and writing services. Helga holds a PhD in literature and is a frequent lecturer at writers' conferences. She has edited, written, or translated well over one hundred books. A true writer's editor, Helga guides fiction and non-fiction writers through the development, writing and editing process, helping them to craft the best books they possibly can.

In this 48-minute video tutorial, you'll discover:

  • How to reveal your characters' background without dumping it on your readers
  • How to create instantly and instinctively recognizable characters
  • How to develop a character's voice
  • How to show a character's behavior patterns
  • How to motivate a character's uncharacteristic behavior
  • How to guide your readers' involvement with your characters

Each person is unique. Different people behave differently in ways big and small, and novels explore what makes them tick. This tutorial offers strategies to populate your fictional world with characters that breathe and bleed before your readers' eyes.

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