Critique Series: Novel/Memoir Pitches & Queries  OnDemand Webinar

Critique Series: Novel/Memoir Pitches & Queries OnDemand Webinar

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How to hook an agent or editor with your query and novel concept!


The QUERY LETTER and the story pitch it contains are your first,and most important,contact with an agent. This is where you explain who you are, what the book is about, and why you've chosen to contact this literary rep. Because the query is such a big step on a writer's journey, this entire 90-minute webinar will be devoted to it,dissecting queries that worked and queries that didn't.

Successfully pitching an agent or editor on your book concept takes brevity and power. Whether you're pitching at a live event, or in the context of a query letter, you must pique a literary agent with your book hook.

Instructor Rachelle Gardner has read and critiqued thousands of queries, and will show attendees what elements in a query letter will get an agent to request more.

What you'll learn:
  • The essential elements of every query, and how to order them
  • The components of a compelling novel hook
  • Common mistakes and red flags that appear in typical queries
  • Why a shorter letter is more likely to succeed
  • What to put in your bio even if you have no credits

Rachelle Gardner is an agent with WordServe Literary Group. She's looking at all genres of adult fiction except fantasy, sci-fi, and erotica. Currently her favorite genres are contemporary women's fiction, historical romance, and romantic suspense. In nonfiction, she's looking for authors with strong messages and significant platforms.
Who should attend?
  • Writers who are actively querying agents and publishers
  • Writers whose query letters always get rejected (or never get a response)
  • Writers who will be pitching their concept at a conference
  • Writers unsure of what a strong hook looks and sounds like
  • Writers who want to learn more about how to impress an agent or editor

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