Get Your Christian Fiction and Nonfiction Published OnDemand Webinar

Get Your Christian Fiction and Nonfiction Published OnDemand Webinar

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Authors in Christian publishing constantly talk about wanting to write a book that "crosses over." Folks outside Christian book publishing wonder if they can break in to Christian publishing houses and enjoy the benefits of one of the most profitable, focused and fastest growing markets in publishing history.

Determining which market you should, or want to write for is essential, but can be challenging. If you write inspirational books, does that mean they only fit with a Christian publishing company? If you write edgy, literary, or unconventional books, do they only fit with ABA, or general market publishers? And what if you write somewhere in the middle, or want to write both?

Figuring out your audience , your target reader , is the key to determining where you fit as an author. There are some key factors to take into account that will provide solid direction. We'll discuss the pros, cons, pitfalls, and opportunities of choosing one over the other; switching from one market to the other; or attempting to write for both. Instructor Sandra Bishop is a literary agent who has worked with dozens of published authors on projects for both markets, and has successfully helped writers cross from one market to the other.


  • Why your author bio, book pitch, and platform statement may contain significant clues as to where you belong
  • How to watch trends that inform you where your idea may be best received
  • Common misconceptions about the benefits and risks of writing for one market or the other
  • Specific tactics authors can employ to help them make a switch between markets easier
  • Readers are Saying...

    "I am a Christian fiction writer and felt like I learned so much from Sandra, about the industry and specifically about Christian publishing. I highly recommend this webinar, as it really gives you an idea of where your writing fits and what you need to succeed."

    Sandra Bishop is an agent with MacGregor Literary. Sandra has successfully helped multiple authors navigate the waters of publishing during a time when publishing is changing faster than ever. As an author should be in this publishing climate, Sandra has been described as agile, creative, focused, determined, and dependable.

    Some of Sandra's recent sales in the inspirational categories include Garry Freisen and Robin Maxson's SINGLENESS, MARRIAGE, AND THE WILL OF GOD: A COMPREHENSIVE BIBLICAL GUIDE (nonfiction) as well as the same authors' book, THE MARRIAGE DECISION AND THE WILL OF GOD: BIBLICAL GUIDELINES FOR SINGLE ADULTS (2013, also nonfiction); Annalisa Daughety's WEDDING DATE IN HOT SPRINGS (Barbour, fiction); Jay Payleitner's HOW TO BE HAPPY (Summerside Press); and Anita Higman's BLUE MOON (Summerside Press).


    • Writers who are curious about where their book best fits within the christian fiction or nonfiction market
    • Writers who will be pitching their concept at a conference or are wondering which conferences to attend
    • Writers unsure of the differences between CBA and ABA (or general market)
    • Writers who are receiving rejections for their inspirational work and want to know why

    OnDemand webinars do not include a critique.

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