How the Latest Trend in YA Can Move Your Career Forward Video Download

How the Latest Trend in YA Can Move Your Career Forward Video Download

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The latest trend in the young adult genre is actually a craft tried and true by adult lit writers: writing short stories, essays, and poetry to get noticed in the industry and hone skills. Generations of writers have shown that a powerful way to stand out in a crowded publishing market is to earn publication credits from literary journals before publishing a novel. Established novelists often continue to publish short works to keep their name visible between books. In addition, practicing short-form writing helps any writer develop and deepen their skills. This tutorial is devoted to teaching you what you need to know to move your career forward!

The market for publishing short-form YA writing is relatively new,enterprising YA writers stand to gain a great deal by taking advantage of the growing demand for YA short stories, essays, and poetry.

Kerri Majors is the founder and editor of YARN (Young Adult Review Network,, the first and leading independent online literary journal of YA literature. YARN publishes short fiction, essays, and poetry by established and emerging YA writers, including teens, as well as an editors' blog, interviews, and lesson plans for teachers. YARN was honored with an Innovations in Reading Prize by the National Book Foundation. Kerri is also a writer with an MFA from Columbia University. She has published short works in several journals, including Guernica and Poets and Writers, and she is the author of This is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World (Summer 2013), a writing memoir for teen and college writers who want to know what it's really like to become a writer.

In this 54-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • What YA literature is, and how short-form writing has come to be an important trend in it.
  • How publishing short works can advance your career.
  • How to write short works in an authentically YA style.
  • The 17 Key Elements for each of the major short genres, broken down in a logical progression:
    • 9 Key Elements for essays
    • 3 Key Elements for poetry
    • 5 Key Elements for short stories

This dynamic tutorial provides you with the unique tools you need to build your career in the competitive YA marketplace.

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