How to Create Badass Main Characters in Any Genre OnDemand Webinar

How to Create Badass Main Characters in Any Genre OnDemand Webinar

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One of the most common problems in screenplays is a weak main character. The supporting characters may shine, but the protagonist feels thin, directionless, and often "dead" on the page. Without a compelling main character, your story has no center, no core, no narrative force to drive the story forward. And with no viable main character, agents, producers, studios, and actors will toss your script on the dreaded "pile."

What makes a Badass? You'll find out! This webinar will present the building blocks to create a killer protagonist-one who is active, unusual, and has something to overcome in the story. You'll learn the "Badass" ingredients, and see how they are applied by top filmmakers in very different genres. As we talk, I'll guide you to brainstorm about your own main character and at the end, you'll have time to ask me specific questions.

As a screenwriter, director and producer, I've been on all sides of the creative process. I've also worked as a story consultant for Disney/Pixar as part of their story trust-working with filmmakers to strengthen their stories and characters. All story begins with character, and I believe I'm uniquely qualified to help you find your main character's Badass-edness.


  • The most common problems with main characters
  • The secret ingredients of a Badass main character
  • How writers of three very different recently released films embrace the Badass method
  • How to apply these concepts to your own protagonist
  • How creating a Badass can help you strengthen structure and theme
  • How to create great secondary characters to support your Badass
  • Why creating a Badass is key to attracting top talent


  • Writers who want to get their movie made
  • Writers who want to deepen their understanding of character
  • Writers who want to challenge themselves
  • Writers who have a great concept, but need help finding the story's core
  • Writers who want to make their main character distinctive
  • Writers who have a problematic main character and need to reimagine him/her
  • Writers who are about to start a project, are in the middle of a project, or doing a final polish
  • Writers who like the term "Badass."

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