How to Make and Market Ebooks to Maximize Sales and Advance Your Writing Career

How to Make and Market Ebooks to Maximize Sales and Advance Your Writing Career

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  • You're a writer with books nearly finished
  • You're a writer who isn't familiar with publishing options
  • You're an author who wants to sell more books
  • You're an author who wants to understand keywords better
  • You're a writer looking for resources for cover design


ebooks are revolutionizing the world of authors, readers, and retailers. The advent of digital publishing enables any writer to reach her/his audience all over the world instantly and free of cost to the author. Royalties are far better than those of traditional publishing, with most retailers paying authors 70% of each ebook sale. Because of this, ebooks are exploding with opportunity. It's never been a better time to be an author and sell ebooks, but it's also necessary to do it wisely. The successful author must do more than just write a great book; they also need to understand aspects of book production and make themselves visible to a global population of readers.

This presentation by Jason Matthews teaches how to be successful with ebooks. Topics include the ingredients to a great ebook, formatting, cover design, uploading to retailers, using websites and social media. The discussion covers the art of doing-it-yourself when possible and also hiring out affordably for items like editing and cover design.

The instructor is Jason Matthews, a writer, how-to expert, avid blogger and self-publishing coach. He works with indie authors around the globe and speaks at writing conferences on these topics.


  • How to stand out as an author in the global business of ebooks
  • Formatting essentials your book must have
  • How to make eye-catching covers that hook readers
  • Which retailers matter most and specifics when uploading there
  • How to use keywords so more readers find your book
  • Social media tips to limit time and maximize results
  • The key ingredients for a successful blog or website


Jason Matthews is a novelist, blogger and self-publishing coach. He works with writers around the world through every phase of book creation and marketing. His specialties include building author platform, selling at major retailers, social media, blogging and SEO. He's the founder of a Facebook group with over 1,900 writers and hosts a weekly Indie Authors series on Google Plus discussing current topics and interviewing top indies. His novels and how-to guides include:

The Little Universe

Jim's Life

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