How to Make First Person POV Successful - Part I

How to Make First Person POV Successful - Part I

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How to Make First Person POV Successful – Part I

First Person is the most immediate and most intimate Point of View. It's also the hardest point of view to write from, and it requires a writer to master their storytelling craft. Seen through the eyes of the I, the story must be told convincingly as if the reader is there in the narrator's head. The almighty I is an important authority in the story, but is I always reliable and always the main character? These issues, and much more, will be covered in Part I of this tutorial series.

This tutorial is presented by Charlotte Robin Cook, an experienced publisher and story editor, and Jon James Miller, an award-winning screenwriter and first time novelist with Garbo's Last Stand, a novel told in dual-first person.

In this 39-minute tutorial video, you'll discover:

  • The important difference between First Person and Third Person
  • How to render a compelling, First Person character
  • How to distinguish Point of View (POV) from Point of Narration (PON)
  • Famous examples of successful First Person POV narrations
  • How to know who should be telling the story and whose story it is
  • Why the story should be about I and other reasons to tell the story this way
  • Why the I knows all the answers to the story
  • Why the I knows there is an audience
  • How to know what the I-character's motivation and agenda are

First Person Point of View is a powerful storytelling tool. Knowing when and how to use it to tell a story is the first crucial step to getting your manuscript not only read, but also sold. How to Make First Person POV Successful will demystify the elements necessary to effectively tell a story where the reader sees the story through the perception of the I.

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