How to Write Bankable Main Characters OnDemand Webinar

How to Write Bankable Main Characters OnDemand Webinar

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One of the keys to getting movies made is attaching talent to your script. The best way to attract talent is to write memorable main characters that actors want to play.

Another important way to develop bankable main characters is to make sure they are in the center of your script and to tell your story through the main character.

I've written over fifty original screenplays, eight movies of the week, worked as producer/writer on nine series and have published three books on screenwriting.

I've taught for over twenty years and have learned how to communicate what is necessary to write bankable, memorable main characters.


  • The importance of main character
  • How to write a memorable main character
  • How to differentiate between characters on the page
  • Where great characters come from
  • How to describe main characters
  • What main characters do and don't do to be memorable
  • How to evaluate your main character


  • Any writer who doesn't think he or she knows it all
  • Any screenwriter wanting to make their films more viable
  • Any fiction writer whose main character could be better
  • Television writers
  • Feature writers
  • Web series writers
  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Any writer pitching a project

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