How to Write a Bulletproof Nonfiction Book Proposal Video Download

How to Write a Bulletproof Nonfiction Book Proposal Video Download

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  • You are an author who wants to place your nonfiction book a publishing house
  • You are an author looking to secure an agent for your nonfiction work
  • You are a writer interested in understanding what information publishers need to effectively sell your nonfiction work
  • You are a writer and want to know how memoir differs from other forms of nonfiction and why your proposal needs to focus on different things


It's become more competitive than ever to get your book traditionally published. Selling your nonfiction book idea, however, is as much a matter of positioning and platform as it is writing skill. And while you don't necessarily need a completed manuscript in hand to get a book deal, you do need a compelling business plan that shows editors and agents that you've done your homework and have a truly salable idea. Assessing your idea, your competition, and your place in the market is what this presentation is all about.

In "How to Write a Bulletproof Nonfiction Book Proposal," Phil Sexton, Writer's Digest publisher and former book sales executive, outlines the key components of a successful nonfiction book proposal, and then demonstrates how to develop each one from start to finish. You'll discover how to craft a proposal that's worthy of your great idea, while providing the information that publishers, editors, agents, and salespeople - even readers - need in order to commit to your book.


  • The definition of prescriptive nonfiction, and how it can put you on the path to publication
  • How to demonstrate the need for your book
  • How to position yourself as an expert on your topic
  • An overview of the nonfiction proposal process
  • What to include in your proposal
  • How memoir differs from other forms of nonfiction, but why some of these rules still apply


Phil Sexton is the Publisher of Writer's Digest. For more than 25 years, he has worked in the book business, serving in numerous roles, including Vice President of Sales for F+W Media, Sales Director of Adams Media, Director of Merchandising for United Magazine Company and - perhaps most importantly - Independent Bookseller.

He is the author of A PICTURE IS WORTH 1,000 WORDS, LEGENDS OF LITERATURE, THE WRITER'S LAB, and its sequel THE WRITER'S ADVENTURE. He is also the co-author of THE WRITER'S BOOK OF MATCHES. He is the co-founder and co-editor of the much loved (and sorely missed) literary journal Fresh Boiled Peanuts.

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