Invincible: Creating Compelling Heroes and Villains

Invincible: Creating Compelling Heroes and Villains

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The mystery-crime-thriller genre appeals to readers not only because of its wrenching plots but because of its unforgettable characters. Foremost among them are the heroes and villains whose cat-and-mouse battle provides the central action and drives the story. In this session, award-winning author David Corbett shows students how to create convincing and complex heroes and villains, with an emphasis on how to make them reflections of each other; how to anchor them in irreconcilable moral visions; and how to use real life cops and criminals as inspiration.


David Corbett is the award-winning author of six novels, including 2015's The Mercy of the Night and the upcoming The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday, as well as the novella The Devil Prayed and Darkness Fell, the story collection Thirteen Confessions, and the writing guide The Art of Character (“A writer's bible" ,Elizabeth Brundage). His short fiction has been selected twice for Best American Mystery Stories, and his nonfiction has appeared in the New York Times, Narrative, Bright Ideas, and Writer's Digest, where he is contributing editor.

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