It's Show Time: How to Sell More Books on the Air

It's Show Time: How to Sell More Books on the Air

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This tutorial will show you how to perform confidently and sell more books during your appearances on television and radio shows. It will focus on three major ways to communicate. The first is verbally, or the actual words that you use. Second is vocally, or the ways in which you should project your words. And third is visually, or how you look while speaking. You will learn how to integrate all three so you relate to viewers and listeners with maximum impact and effect.

This 62-minute tutorial begins by showing you how to define your audience so you can easily describe how they will benefit from the content of your book. You'll then learn how to use different personality styles to reach people in your audiences most effectively.

You'll also:

  • Discover four presentation patterns to help you organize your words for the greatest impact
  • Learn what to do when your minds goes blank
  • Find out how to get the attention of people in your audience, and hold it for as long as you are on the air
  • Communicate persuasively with The Seven Cs
  • Know what you will say regardless of what questions you are asked
  • Sound like a professional speaker as you vary your volume, inflection and speed of delivery
  • Tell brief stores to get people more involved with your message
  • Receive a special handout describing how to deliver your message visually as you dress to impress
  • Hear 10 ways to use your body language to communicate a positive message even when you feel nervous
  • Get a list of 10 hints for dealing with people who call in to ask you questions
  • Discover 18 tips for improving your performance while conducting radio interviews over the telephone

After this tutorial you will say those seven words every author wants to utter: “It's nice to see you again, Oprah."

A little about the presenter: Brian Jud is president of the consulting firm Book Marketing Works. Established in 1996, the company's goal is to help independent publishers marketing their titles more effectively. Brian is also an award-winning author, whose titles have included Beyond the Bookstore (a Publisher's Weekly title) and the best selling Job Search 101.

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